We are committed to growing the South African economy one relationship at a time,  our sales specific products, innovative delivery and varied sector experience ideally positions us to work with salespeople of varying levels of experience and maturity.



Escape the sea of sameness

Customers are drowning in a sea of sameness, in a world filled with tons of ‘me too’ options. Now more than ever, the responsibility of differentiation lays squarely on the shoulders of the salesperson. It’s their responsibility to have that crucial conversation. 

Yet, even after decades of investment into sales training and development, in that critical moment when your salespeople need to be the most convincing, 9/10 times they are not. We fix this.  

Escape the sea of sameness

Whereas most training makes salespeople better and better at skills that customers care less and less about – we apply the neuroscience of storytelling to enable salespeople to have more relevant, insightful, and engaging sales conversations; elevating your offerings through differentiation. 


  • Harness the power of story-selling
  • Be able to apply story-selling in any sales situation
  • Learn how the brain functions during story-telling


  • The current state of sales

  • The four pillars of a differentiated conversation 

  • Understand what true empathy is, how to build it and how to use it 

  • How to build a business case for change 

  • The theory of storytelling 

  • Building your own Value Story 

  • Conversation’s built on YOUR customers 

  • Role play delivery 


Duration: 2 Days - Various options available please contact us to discuss 

Number of Participants: Up to 26, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind!

Ultimately, professional selling is the generous act of helping someone else solve their problem, not the employment of tricks or tactics. That’s why The Sales Counsel uses an approach rooted in the latest neuroscience to teach your employees to think differently, so they can achieve sustainable results in personal development.

The story we tell ourselves is the story we live.

Understanding this allows you to change your story so you can meet the demands of reality and build the life you dream of. We know from experience that sales mastery must be preceded by personal mastery, yet too often we want to learn how to use the tools of the trade without first ensuring we are showing up with authenticity and congruence. 

Personal mastery is the ability to look at yourself objectively, to know who you are and embrace the reality of you; knowing your truth, understanding it and directing your focus, personality and talents in a manner that serves you and your clients. 

Perfect for anyone who wants to build self-empowerment or embrace the narrative of the personal story to impact their professional life. 


  • Understand how to motivate yourself
  • Master your choices to plan for success
  • Understand and articulate your core beliefs and story


  • Winning the war within – what to do with your inner voice
  • Knowing yourself – includes a personal communication and personality assessment that will give you essential insight into your make-up, your strengths and your weaknesses
  • 7 Choices to master your life – the quality of life we enjoy is largely a result of the choices we make, in these seven areas
  • Why your life is shaped by what you believe – we all believe something about everything. And we act not according to what we know but what we believe 
  • What do you believe? – an exercise in identifying what you really believe 
  • My ego is bigger than yours! – what is ego, when is mine not serving me and how do I control the impact it has on my life? 
  • Managing your time, managing yourself – all the self-awareness in the world is not going to help if it does not result in clarity that we can direct into action 
  • Planning to win – some planning practices and frameworks to make you more productive 
  • Treat yourself as if you matter – understanding boundaries and how to establish them 


Duration: 16 hours of training; 4 sessions, 2 weeks apart

Number of Participants: Up to 20, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: A strong hunger for learning and development

* To gain maximum benefit, we recommend that groups from the same company register for a full class

Productivity Level: GRAND MASTER

According to London Business School, two hours of checking email has the same effect on your pre-frontal cortex as smoking two marijuana joints, and on average lowers your IQ by 10 points. While a great fact for interesting dinner conversation, when it comes to workplace productivity, we think you’ll agree, that's not funny. 

Rule the email universe with a click or a tap

The fact is, either you are managing your email; maximising the use this powerful tool offers you. Or… It’s managing and driving you. Something we definitely don’t want. Give your team email superpowers now through an effective email management solution, and see productivity rise, regaining your time and money from the email machine. 


  • The ability to drive sustainable workflow through email management best practice 
  • A system to ensure they remain on top of their email, their commitments and their key performance areas – forever
  • A considerably lighter inbox
  • The ability to make measurable improvements in both productivity and focus


  • Handling email and communication overwhelm 

  • How to create an email inbox management system to process email 
  • Ineffective communication and how to approach it 
  • Best practice for email communication 
  • How to ensure you do not have to spend nights and weekends on email 
  • Never miss a deadline or task again 
  • Increase personal accountability and integrity 
  • Manage multiple objectives and projects using Microsoft Outlook 
  • Advanced Outlook functionality - you will wonder how you ever got this far without it.
  • Email best practice, how to use your calendar, task, time blocking, CC, BCC, email signature, email escalations and more. 

Get into your customers heart and grow your influence

Michael Jordan said it best. 

“There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is in win.”

Years of playing on a winning team taught Michael Jordan what many of us still need to learn: A winning team is made up of individuals, individuals who know their strengths, accept their weaknesses and understand how their unique make-up contributes to the overall success of their team. 

A solid investment, the Relationship Builder core premise is based on a truth that never changes. That being, regardless of marketing trends, knowing your customers as well as they know themselves leads to success. 

In the process of building relationships, you also get to know yourself and your teammates, and that is essential to team functionality. By focusing first on increasing self-awareness in salespeople, and helping them adapt their approach to others, we help them identify their customer's needs upfront and spend less time on overcoming objections.


  • Understanding your own communication style 

  • Understanding your confrontation behaviours 

  • Preparing for high stakes conversations 

  • Learning to communicate with people very different from yourself

  • Learn how to use your unique style to influence your customers, peers and managers 


Duration: 2 x 8-hour session (2 Days)

Number of Participants: Up to 20, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind!

Making objections work for you

So, you’ve been out there in the trenches, and it’s harsh. What you don’t need is theory. You need tangible sales skills to implement immediately. 

Using objections to pivot to sales success

Objections are everywhere in the world of sales. How you handle them is what matters. By the time you finish this course, you’ll have the sales training to be Advanced Objection Wrangler. If you the type of person who shuts down when a customer objects, then this is the course to set you right.

You’ll fengshui your approach to objections in the sales process, using your innate power and grace,  and see the difference between success and failure.  

Get the chance to test models in a welcome learning environment in front of a world-class sales leader who can give you feedback straightaway, pinpointing what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong. 

You’ll leave feeling emboldened, empowered, and dare we say it … MOTIVATED.



  • Understand why customers object
  • Learn best practice for reducing objections 
  • Learn and use tested models for addressing objections 
  • Build confidence in using these models in your business 


  • Conduct yourself as an authority when a customer expresses doubt 
  • Four types of objections 
  • Why you should welcome the objection 
  • How to clarify an objection
  • How to handle an objection 
  • Experience live role play exercises to build confidence 


Duration: 1 Day - 12 hours of training (two 6-hour sessions; two weeks apart) 

Number of Participants: Up to 26, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: Willingness to step out of your comfort zone 

Hear what you've been missing

Listen up, listen in!

We’re all guilty. Listening to someone with half an ear, distracted, thinking about a million other things. The truth is we think we can listen attentively, but sadly most of us are not engaging our ears and grey matter to their maximum potential. 

Activate your listening potential

How well you listen, and what you do with what you learn has a significant impact on your ability to do your job, run your business, and serve your customers.

In an increasingly competitive work environment filled with information overload, target pressure and multiple stakeholders involved in a complex selling environment, active listening skills can give you a distinct advantage.  

Come deep dive into the world of sound and get to grips with effective listening skills through interactive exercises and hear what you’ve been missing.


  • Understand the science behind being a ‘good listener’

  • Understand your bad listening habits

  • Learn how to ask insightful questions

  • Understand your listening filters and their impact

  • Be equipped to generate better quality conversations


  • Understand the critical difference between active and passive listening behaviours
  • Improve your ability to pay attention
  • Improve communication and relationships with others
  • Recognise the barriers to active listening
  • Elicit useful data, thoughts, values, and feelings
  • Suspend pre-conceived notions
  • Avoid argument and debate


Duration: 12 hours of total training (3 sessions, 4 weeks apart) - 1 Day

Number of Participants: Up to 20, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind!

Level up your presentation game and get noticed

We all know that freshly-squeezed green juice packed with kale is good for us. So, think of this course as a whole lot of green juice designed specifically for public-speaking skills. One sip will empower you. A whole glass will give you a total boost; enabling you to give memorable professional presentations which get you noticed.


Energize a room in a minute, be remembered for days


Warren Buffet knew what he was saying when he once said to Forbes Magazine that mastering the art of public speaking is the best way to build your business skills. Now, what Mr Buffet intrinsically understood is that life is a series of sales situations. Every day you represent yourself, your value, your point of view, your product or your service. 

When you sound the same as everyone else, you are unlikely to be remembered. In today’s competitive market is that a risk you can afford to take? 


  • Learn how to research and structure your presentation
  • Earn maximum impact through effective communication skills
  • Learn how to read your audience
  • Find your distinct presentation style to set you apart from everyone else


  • The four pillars of Professional Presentation Skills 
  • How to research efficiently for your presentation 
  • How to structure your presentation 
  • How to use your body language, your voice and your eye contact 
  • Design best practice - tips and tricks 
  • Tools of the trade - learn the secret tools and tricks that the professionals use to make them stand out
  • Present live and get feedback on the day of your training 


Duration: 16 hours of training (2 days back-to-back) - 2 Days

Number of Participants: Up to 26, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind! A willingness to learn. 

Prepare like a pro and be a webinar wonder

Lights, camera, action! Up your game in front of the camera with tips from world-class speaking professional, Shelley Walters.

Want to host client webinars?  Do your own instructional videos? Grow your YouTube following? Or, maybe you want to conduct video interviews to promote a product?  This easy-access online course will get you camera-ready in no time. 

Through expert coaching from an international sales speaker, someone who’s had plenty of experience in front of the camera, you’ll learn what to wear - and what to avoid - the basics of body language and professional delivery, how to craft your message for a video presentation, and technical tips to ensure you look and sound natural, exuding authenticity. 

This course includes instruction on

  • How to prepare for video image and appearance 
  • Clothing 
  • Accessories 
  • Make-up 


  • Find your best voice 
  • How to use humour 

Body Language 

  • Posture and gestures 
  • Facial expressions 


  • Crafting your message 
  • Ad lib or teleprompter? 
  • Energy and pacing 


Delivery: 12 micro-lessons delivered online 

Number of Participants: Not applicable 

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind!

OPTIONAL: Coaching and feedback requires you to submit a 15 minute video.

Re-engineer your personal brand to cut through the noise

Success in business means you need to be remembered for all the right reasons. Personal branding is the process of creating a recognisable professional name and reputation for yourself or your organisation.

Reverse engineer your personal brand to cut through the noise

Brands are a bit like Lego, there are limited ways to build with them but with a little imagination, those limited mediums are gateways to creating new untold worlds. Developing your own brand is one of the most creative and rewarding processes to undergo.

With The Sales Counsel, you get to create a brand for yourself, complete with a consummate professional name and brand ideology, drilling down to discover the core foundational pillars of your brand to inform your business decisions going forward.

Understand how to present yourself using various communication channels and establish a clear idea on how to make a meaningful impact on your clients, pre-sale and post. 


  • Walk away with tangible insights into your personal brand
  • Know which channels to use to convey your personal message
  • Know which strategies best suit your personal brand
  • Understand your personal brand essence and have a personalised elevator pitch


  • Pin down and articulate your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Understand your unique strengths and brand key words
  • Build an impactful 'offline' presence
  • Consider Business Etiquette and cultural considerations
  • Understand how to build a powerful and Impressive online presence
  • Learn strategies to promote your brand to potential clients, investors and employers
  • Create and communicate your elevator pitch
  • Learn effective networking techniques to promote your personal brand


Duration: 12 hours of training (2 sessions, 1 week apart or one full day) - 1 Day

Number of Participants: Up to 20, minimum 12

Location: Anywhere

Pre-requisites for team sessions: An open mind! 

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