Your increasingly complex work environment demands that your managers play a much larger role in employee development. In fact, it demands that your managers move from managing to leading. We can help you develop managers with the leadership authentic behaviours that drive the performance you want.



Not all high performing Sales Reps become top performing Sales Managers, because what makes you a great salesperson often makes you a terrible manager.

At The Sales Counsel we welcome the opportunity to work with your Sales Leaders, because we know that a high performing team needs a high performing Sales Leader. We help your Sales Leaders to manage their team effectively with a simple to follow process that is designed to motivate them to spend time in field with your team and on calls, closing deals.

As with all our other interventions, our Sales Manager Development Track is based on the management best practice and is built using the latest neuroscience of learning.  All our Sales Management training is delivered online by skilled, experienced and top performing Sales Managers.

The development track is a 3-tiered approach, during this time the Sales Manager is given weekly tasks that provide your sales leaders with a systematic approach to managing their team.'

The three phases of our Sales Management Development Track

  1. Gaining Insight
  2. Creating and Managing Change
  3. Measuring Outcomes

Ideally this would run over a financial quarter enabling us to measure results and deliver timeous feedback, giving you the best possible chance of meeting and exceeding your sales targets.

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