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The Secret to Sales Success (that no one talks about)

The words sales and purpose are seldom discussed together. The common sales story is that money is the goal and the primary motivation for salespeople and that doing “good’ runs a distant second.

That belief is not only outdated but also fundamentally flawed. Research reveals that sales professionals who believe in the validity of their products and services are far more likely to meet and exceed their targets.

Shelley Walters shows audiences:

  • Why personal conviction is essential to sustainable sales success
  • How to discover the purpose that drives your sales success
  • How clients are affected by your internal story and why it affects your relationship
  • What language to use to ensure you remain focused on customer value throughout the buying journey
  • What to do when you feel you have lost your sense of purpose

The 21st Century Salesperson

The 21st Century has changed everything. Technology is evolving at a rate few could have predicted, our commercial environment is becoming increasingly complex as targets grow year on year.

Furthermore,  economic pressure is changing the way that customers buy, and by necessity this must change the way we sell. We have a higher contact turnover than ever before in the history of the world and marketing and margins are under threat.

What does this mean for the 21st Century Sales Person?

In this keynote, Shelley will take your sales team  on a journey  through the past, present and future of sales; showing your sales people where we have failed and where we have succeeded so that you know exactly what you need to be doing now to secure the sales success of the future.

  • Why personal reach is the most valuable asset a person can have in the 21st Century
  • How you can develop individual influence that enables sales success
  • How to grow a personal brand that draws people and organisations to you
  • Why “experience” no longer matters, and what does matter
  • Change and how your approach to it determines success for you and your company
  •  The role of technology in the future of sales

8 Traits of the Great

The 8 undeniable qualities of uncommon achievers and how you can master them in your life. The dictionary defines “great” as a person who has achieved importance, distinction or success.

Whether it is a CEO, a School teacher or an historical figure most of us can think of someone we consider to be great, and most of us have been shaped by the greatness of these people. But when it comes to our own greatness potential we should ask ourselves not “who is great?” but “Can I become great?” Because, greatness may not be something that “just happens” it is   the result of choices that lead us to ever increasing greatness as we grow up into our own potential.

Shelley Walters understands this truth very well and in this keynote she defines:

  • Your own journey from good to great
  • Great leaders and what we can learn from them
  • Outlines a plan to build greatness into your character, and your life
  • The power of principle
  • Learning how to use practice and humour to become great

Set your team up for greatness with this exceptional Keynote presentation.

Do more with less Stress

In this talk you will discover how to regain a minimum of one hour a day so you can focus on what really matters.

access your best thinking and bring more impact to your customers by cutting out the stress and the noise getting in the way of delivering consistently meaningful results. 

You will also discover:

  • What it takes to capture the attention of busy prospects
  • How to prepare for a highly productive and engaging meeting
  • Research based strategies for boosting sales productivity
  • How to escape the business trap
  • What your brain needs to do its best work


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