Do this one thing to make your meetings more effective in 2019

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2019

Why are you here?

This simple question would, if asked at regular intervals, go a long way to eliminating many of our distractions.  When I am distracted “why am I am here” is a question I ask myself when I am halfway through the comments section of a News 24 article. When I am focused and operating from my best self, “why am I here” is a question I ask myself long before I go into a meeting. 

Looking around many boardrooms, with some attendees distracted by mobile phones, and others staring blankly at the meeting organiser and/or offering an irrelevant or redundant contribution, it is clear that many people attending meetings simply have no idea why they are there? 

"Why am I here" is the one question that will bring you back to your purpose everytime you ask it of yourself. And without purpose, you cannot have meaning. 

And, according to the latest findings from CEB, there are on average 6.8 buyers in any complex buying decision. Many of those stakeholders will be in your next sales meeting. More stakeholders mean more complexity. With 8 people attending a series of meetings it is really important that each individual knows why they are there and what you aim to achieve in the meeting they are attending.

Before your next meeting, send an email that covers the following:

  1. Re-communicate the purpose of the meeting
  2. Who will be attending and why these specific people have been invited to attend?
  3. What is the outcome you hope to achieve in this meeting
  4. Confirm any preparation that needs to be done in order to achieve the outcome you have communicated in point 3
  5. Invite those who are unclear or would like to add an item to your agenda to contact you directly, before the meeting

This simple step will go a long way to ensuring that you operate from intentionally from a place of clarity. It will also help your customers and colleagues to gain the clarity they need to be more intentional in how they participate in your meetings. That always leads to greater contribution.

That is all for today, more on how to ensure your meetings are meaningful in next week’s blog.


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