Love The One You’re With

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

It’s human nature to want what we don’t have. As a sales specialist, I see this all the time. A popular trend in the sales and marketing world is to create an avatar of your ‘ideal client’

 This idea has both merits and flaws. If doing the client avatar exercise leads to your business learning how to better understand potential clients, and you are therefore able to reach new clients and serve them appropriately, then this is good. But, if this leads to your salespeople changing the way they think so that they can act and sell in a particular way in an attempt to win your ‘ideal client’ over, then the outcome is often disingenuous behaviour, behaviour that customers recognise and no longer care for.

 But, what about your current client who does not fit into that profile of the ‘ideal client’?

 Recent studies reveal that it can cost up to 5 times more to find a new client than to retain an existing one. So while finding your ‘ideal client’ is a nice idea, it may not actually be in your best interest. It’s clearly easier to keep a current client satisfied than it is to convince a new client to choose your services or products.

 I can’t help but liken the idea of the ‘client avatar’ to dating. When you’re single, it’s easy to form an idea of who your ideal match would be based on what you think you want. You can form an avatar in your mind of your perfect hypothetical partner and only swipe right on the ones who fit your idea of ‘ideal partner’.  But how often do people really end up in a long-lasting relationship with someone that was their ‘type’? Just like our best clients, more often than not, we tend to end up with people who are completely different from the ‘type’ we once had in mind.

 Many businesses benefit from forming client avatars; it’s important to know who your potential clients are and where to find them! But often businesses spend a fortune trying to promote themselves in an attempt to attract their ‘ideal clients’, and overlooking the clients who are calling, emailing and requesting proposals. Yet, from my personal experience with the sales teams that we train, the most loyal clients are often the ones who don’t fit that avatar… and the ones you already have.

 So, which clients are you marketing to in your business, and which clients do you currently have? They may not fit your idea of the ‘ideal client’, but they are the ones who are loyal to you and who will sing your praises if you make them a priority - therefore generating more leads! So instead of wishing for easier, wealthier, simpler clients, take care of the clients you already have. Give them that five-star experience and cherish your clients - whoever they are.

Learn to love the ones you’re with, not just the ones you want. 


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