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Is email ruining your life and keeping you from doing your best work?

According to the experts, it may be time to *KONDO your email.

Kondo Used as a verb. it refers to purging things in your life if they do not spark joy in you.Named after Marie Kondo, career organizer, writer of the book "the life-changing magic of tidying up" and star of her own show on Netflix called "tidying up with Marie Kondo."

If you had seen me 6 years ago you would have seen that from the moment I’d wake up, before I’d put on my make-up, I would check my emails. Even though I would usually check them right before I’d go to sleep every night, like clockwork, most mornings there was always a fresh batch waiting for me as soon as I opened my eyes.

I’d find myself reading emails at breakfast, while at the gym… sometimes I even dreamed about receiving a nasty email. And when I was not receiving emails, I was stressing about responding to emails, or whats app or voice mails. My entire life, from my thoughts to my daily activities, was being completely overrun and governed by the communication demands placed on me. The constant messages and emails were turning me into a digital addict and stealing from my quality of life and the value of my contribution.

I felt like I was constantly ‘on call’ and never had a break from work - or time to work effectively. But, according to psychologists, my experience is not unusual.  

Studies have shown that constant email notifications have become a ‘toxic source of stress’ for many. An ‘’unwritten organizational etiquette” has become a part of workplace culture, causing many employees to develop the habit of ‘taking work home’ which negatively impacts their physical energy and their emotional well-being, and massively decreases their ability to produce quality work while at work. (Take the free quiz to find out if email is affecting your life)

Because of this constant communication overload (and no break to actually focus on what’s really important), most of us are feeling Fickle, Frazzled and Frustrated.

It’s difficult to focus on what you need to do and work with integrity when you are exhausted. It leaves you feeling powerless. In this time of communication overload, it is essential that you learn to manage your state of mind; Your thoughts are the catalyst for change, for peace, for productivity and to get your power back.

And just like a physical mess in your home can affect your emotional well-being and state of mind, your email inbox affects your thoughts, emotional well-being and your ability to work effectively.

At The Sales Counsel, we see that the greatest limitations to results are not always the obvious sales skills issues that we are so familiar with, we have witnessed many a lost deal due to miscommunications and communication overload between staff within organizations. Creating a bottleneck that has dire consequences when it comes to delivering the kind of customer services that drives repeat sales. Add to that the additional challenge of managing the flood of information coming at you if you are out seeing clients and on the road and it is clear that we all need to come to grips how to hack the communication overload and leverage the power of the tech available to use in tools like Outlook.  

In addition to this, much of the coaching and directing that sales leaders do is via email. We cannot deny that email is ubiquitous, it’s not going anywhere and it remains a primary platform for us to communicate inside of our organizations, to our salespeople and with our customers. Not leveraging email and being ineffective in email is going to limit your ability to successfully conclude business deals.

While many people like to claim that email is ‘dead’, the proof is in the data, and the data doesn’t lie! In 2019, email ranks third amongst the most influential sources of information after colleague recommendations and thought leaders. But if that doesn’t butter your bread, then this will: Email managed correctly brings an average return on investment of 3800%. Which is an average of R38 return for every rand invested!

So if you want to see a significant change in  productivity and or sales in 2019, you need to:

  1. Get the thinking that empowers your productivity
  2. Leverage the power of Outlook
  3. Get on top of your email
  4. Take back your time and your energy

Enough is enough! You can gain control of your inbox and your life.

Take our free quiz to find out where you are on the effective email scale.


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