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About Us

What’s the biggest problem in Sales? Everyone is focused on motivating and incentivising when we should be giving our Sales staff a reason to care about their customers again. Instilling a deep conviction within your team, the belief that your products and services fix real problems for real people, is what we do best. Our 3-step process gives your employees everything they need to be authentic and highly-effective. And, who does not want a confident, honest and effective Sales force?

At the end of the day, we don’t sell. We teach, help and connect. Informed and seasoned Sales professionals, every one of our team members - both local and abroad - are experienced and sought-after experts in their respective areas.


We believe that authenticity accelerates trust.

We believe that it is the right of every individual to find purpose in their work.

We believe that we should focus relentlessly on achieving our purpose, individually and corporately.



Do you have a noble purpose, or do you just sell stuff?

The answer to this question will have a dramatic impact on your revenue.


Chances are you are frazzled, fickle and frustrated just like so many of our customers. Just like your customers, just like so many of your employees. It does not have to be this way; you can be both efficient and sane.


To excel in sales one needs to develop a series of competencies in our sales force, we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding learning interventions for professional sales people.

Meet the Team

Based in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Norway, The Sales Counsel team is headed up by South Africans who understand our socio-economic environment.

Committed to growing the South African economy one relationship at a time, we are positioned to work with your Sales teams, Human Resources, and anyone interested in learning and professional development.

Shelley Walters

Co-Founder and the Managing Director of The Sales Counsel

As a sought-after keynote speaker, with her most recent international engagement being the Women in Sales Awards held in Europe (2018), Shelley’s work experience is hard won through 22 years in Sales. Having done it all from Direct Selling, Account Management, right up to Sales Manager, Shelley’s extensive success and no-nonsense approach to developing innovative Sales methods means she is an unstoppable force.

Priding herself on her direct, energetic and pragmatic approach, it’s Shelley’s irreverent, yet committed nature which drives a deep desire to create meaningful, relevant sales experiences for others. Self-described as a ‘risk-taker’ and ‘trend-spotter’ her world revolves around creating authentic customer connections.

“I know from my first-hand experience that sales, more than any other profession, has the potential to lift individuals out of poverty, unemployment and trauma to a meaningful and rewarding life and profession.  As a result, I have a deep passion for  our profession and a real connection with the challenges of being a salesperson.”

Shelley Walters

Catherine Schalk

Sales Enablement & Marketing

Transforming Sales Enablement & Content, Emcee, Event Programme Director, Content Director

Focused on helping Sales, Product Marketing, Sales Operations and Event teams solve their day-to-day challenges and increase their effectiveness, Catherine is motivated to go where  the need is the greatest and the hunger for learning and progress, strongest.

Frequently asked for ideas, advice, information based on a 20+ year career in Marketing, Sales, and Events,  Catherine’s expertise in practical and experiential approaches to Sales Enablement has led to collaborations with global brands such as VMware, Infoblox, Pagerduty, and Showpad.


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